Equipment List


Drill Rigs / Recyclers

American Augers DD-440 440,000 pounds of pull back

(2) American Augers DD-210 Maxi Rig with 210,000 pounds of pull back

UPI DD-130 Compact Rig with 130,000 pounds of pull back

American Augers DD-6

(2) American Augers DD-3

American Augers DD-8

Vermeer 24X40 Series 3

American Augers DD-1 (Compact)

Tulsa Iron Rig MCS 1000 with EW-881 GPM mud pump

American Augers MC-500 Mud pump and 500 GPM mud cleaning system

Tulsa Iron Rig 660 Mud pump

RMC P-400 Mud Pump

RMC P-100B 137 GPM Mud Pump

RMS mud scalpers (2) 2200 and 3300 gallons


Jack and Bore / tunneling equipment

Akkerman Pilot Tube Micro Tunneling system

American Augers 30” x 225,000 pounds of thrust Jack & Bore Machine

American Augers 36” x 600,000 pounds of thrust Jack & Bore Machine

American Augers 48” x 900,000 pounds of thrust Jack & Bore Machine

American Augers 72” x 1,200,000 pounds of thrust Jack & Bore Machine

McLaughlin On-Target Steering System

18” Grundoram Goliath Pipe Rammer System


Support Equipment

CAT 416C ITC 4 x 4 Extendahoe (w/street broom, bucket & pavement breaker)

CAT 430D ITC 4 x 4 Extendahoe (w/ bucket & forks) 

CAT 430E

CAT 430E ITC 4 x 4 Extendahoe (w/ bucket & forks) 

CAT 430E ITC 4 x 4 Extendahoe (w/ Street Broom, bucket & forks) 

CAT 277 MTL Tracked Skid Steer

CAT 238 Skid Steer loader 

CAT 963C loader crawler w/ QC

CAT 966H Rubber tire loader w/ QC

Excavator (CAT 345B) 

Excavator (CAT 336E) w/driver, compactor, clam shell, 3 over 4 grapples

Excavator (CAT 315LC) w/ driver/compactor

Excavator (CAT 315 LC) w/ demolition thumb

Excavator (CAT 312LC w/ dozer blade) w/ driver/compactor

Excavator (CAT 305 CR w/ thumb)

Water truck with 2,500 gallon capacity, 2 units

Water tanker trailer with 6500 gallon capacity

Mud tanker trailer with 5500 gallon capacity

Frac Tanks (5) 8000 to 22,0000 gallon capacity

Electrofusion & Fusion Machines- ¾” to 36” pipe

Vacuums (8) 800 – 5500 gallon units 

185 CFM Air compressors, 4 units

John Deere 570A articulated grader

John Deere 4720 Compact Tractor w/ front bucket, forks & rear attachment

Dozer (D-38 wide track)

Telehandler fork lift (CAT 580) w/ man basket

Genie 245/25 Man Lift

Generator (CAT 250KW)

Generator (CAT 125 KW)

Generator (CAT 105 KW)

Generator (CAT 105 KW)

Generator (CAT 100 KW)

Generator (CAT 60 KW)

Generator (CAT 45 KW)

(9) 6" Godwin pumps

Well Point System

FMC- Hydro Seeder

Street Broom w/water system, self -propelled

Moorka Rubber tracked dump truck w/ hydraulic boom

Wet tap equipment

Certified aluminum trench boxes

Confined Space equipment with Gas Tester

(4) Light Towers

IR Compactor

Neil Asphalt Roller

Wacker Trench Roller

Various vehicles including three tractor trailers, Roll off truck, Roll back truck,  dump trucks, service trucks and equip. trailers